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Academic assessments allow you as an adult learner within our setting to demonstrate your understanding and knowledge of the subjects being delivered by tutors and specialist subject teachers. Work submitted is marked on a grading system and this allows the tutors and lecturers to see how fully you have met the criteria for the particular subject that you are participating in.

Grading allows you to have credit for your learning.

The Adult Learning Centre strongly recommend that learners work independently and honestly when completing all academic assignments. Learners must use appropriate academic styles of learning and must reference all work submitted including books, websites, papers and any other literature.

This policy allows students at The Adult Learning Centre to define the meaning of the word plagiarism and to understand how to avoid academic misconduct within the setting and off-site learning such as placements and independent or extended learning.

Plagiarism is being carried out when a learner submits an assignment or work to a tutor or lecturer that contains another individual’s work without declaring this to them. When all sources and individuals are not acknowledged an offence has taken place.

An offence or cheating has taken place when

  • Work has been completed by someone else
  • Borrowing other people’s work without citing them
  • Copying answers from the internet/ Google or social media.
  • Submitting work that you have paid someone else to complete

Individuals who lend or allow others to borrow assignments or work with the knowledge that plagiarism may take place thus allowing one student an unfair advantage of others will also be penalised.

It is recognised by The Adult Learning Centre that some learners will be new to current education after a long gap and may struggle with the concept of referencing, sourcing and bibliographies, therefore upon start of academic courses delivered by us we will always carry out sessions to allow learners to understand what is acceptable and how to reference.

Individuals found to be plagiarizing can and will be removed from the course by The Adult Learning Centre depending on the severity of the plagiarism. Each case will be dealt with by the Centre Manager and the Centre Managers’ decision will be final. 

Dated- July 2021 to be reviewed July 20212

Sahila Butt

Managing Director and Centre Manager

The Adult Learning Centre.

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