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It is the policy of The Adult Learning Centre is to treat information received from its Learners as confidential within the setting unless:

· There is a legal duty to disclose to multi agencies.

· There is significant evidence that an individual is in danger or at high risk of significant harm.

· We have permission from the learner to share information about them.

The Company recognises that received personal information will contain sensitive information and/or confidential information.

The Adult Learning Centre will comply with the following key principles when dealing with sensitive and/or confidential information:

· Ensure that the company policy is understood and easy to access by all learners.

· Information sharing will be learner-centred and within the confines of the law and the policy of the setting.

· Information will only be requested that is the minimum required to deliver an effective service.

· Information will only be shared with a third party with the consent of the customer, within the confines of the law.

· Learners will be made aware of where we have the legal obligation to disclose confidential information.

· Learners will be made aware of arrangements for data sharing with partner organisations and contractual requirements.

· Recorded information on any documents will be factual as far as possible and sourced, timed and dated.

· We will train staff in key aspects of legislation listed below, where it affects their work

-The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA)

– The Human Rights Act 1998

– The Learning Skills Act 2000

– The Children Act 2004 Evaluation

This policy and its procedures will be subject to internal and external verification. External verification will be sought through structured consultation with users; internal verification will be sought through compliance with procedures and the meeting of specified standards of service. The partners will have the responsibility to update and review the policy annually or whenever necessary, whichever is the soonest

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