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Learn from the comfort of your home over 6 weeks with full tutor support. This course consists of three workbooks that will help with your learning. Workbooks come with corresponding assessment books that must be completed in order to gain this certificate.

Drop-in sessions are held for two weeks to allow learners to communicate with tutors to ensure they are receiving the guidance and support required to successfully complete this qualification.


Workbook 1 will consist of four modules of Understanding the Prevent Duty

– Understand the prevent duty

– Understand the terms radicalization, extremism and terrorism

– Understand how to reduce the risk of radicalization

– Extension activity



Workbook 2 will consist of five modules of Understanding Safeguarding

– Understand the term safeguarding

– Understand the national and local context of safeguarding and protection from abuse

– Know how to recognize signs of abuse or potential harm

– Know how to respond if abuse or harm is disclosed, suspected or alleged

– Extension activity


Workbook 3 consists of four modules of Understanding Online Safety

– Understand the potential consequences of inappropriate or illegal online activity

– Understand how to reduce the risks posed online

– Know about the potential signs and behavioural changes that could cause concern

– Extension activity


Learners must successfully demonstrate their achievements of all learning outcomes and assessment criteria of all the mandatory units. Grades are not awarded.

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