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Policy statement

This policy outlines the induction and support process that will be provided for new members of staff that join The Adult Learning Centre.

As outlined in our Aims and core values policy, we aim to develop and empower our staff as they represent The Adult Learning Centre, NCFE and our learners. At the Adult Learning centre, we will support our staff to progress and be the best that they can be. We will support them to fulfil their ambitions and realise and reach their full potential.

A new staff member will be provided with:-

An induction to the company’s mission goals and values.

This will enable new staff members to understand what our goals and core values are for our company, our learners, staff settings and other employers.

  • They will outline what we hope to achieve and how.
  • Expectations of how we expect our staff to conduct themselves both within our setting and out of work hours.
  • How do we implement The Fundamental British Values both in our teaching and professional relationships with learners and other staff members?

New employees will also be given free access to policies and procedures of the setting at all times, however, they will be required to read the policies and procedures and sign a required document informing that they have read and understood mandatory policies such as Safeguarding, Health and Safety, Whistleblowing and Equality and Diversity. This must be auctioned in the first 5working days of employment.

  A Tour of all Company Sites.

  • New staff members will be given a tour of all company offices, sites and classrooms. Staff will be shown their allocated workspace desk if applicable.
  • New staff will be made aware of all Health and Safety procedures including fire exits, extinguishers, and allocated meeting points in case of evacuation or emergency procedure.
  • New staff will be informed of the first aid officer and shown where first aid equipment and accident and incident forms are kept.

Introduced to other staff members.

New staff members will be introduced to other colleagues in the company outlining roles, responsibilities and expectations.

This will include the Company Director, Heads of Departments and other Tutors.

One to one meetings will be arranged with relevant Departments of Heads to discuss pay, contracts any special needs, requirements, illnesses or disabilities. At The Adult Learning Centre, we promote The Fundamental British Values and Equality and Diversity.

All information shared will be confidential and only be shared on a need to know basis under the GDPR ACT 2018.

Training and Continued Professional Development.

At the Adult Learning Centre, we want to see our staff progress and be the best that they can be.  We want to know how we can support you to develop further. By investing in you we are investing in the future of both our learners and our company.

All staff will be required to undertake mandatory continuous professional development throughout the year relating to the subject that they are teaching.

Good staff communications.

We ensure that all staff s have good communication foundations. We will listen to you your needs and requirements.  At The Adult Learning Centre, we will take time for our staff each week where can sit down and discuss all lesson plans. Aspects of delivery, teaching and learning and support are required both by learners and employees alike.

All staff will participate in 2 reviews throughout the year to track progress, achievement and confidence levels.

We must have a strong, steady and continuous communication system in place to succeed.

Your first week.

In your first week, we will support you to familiarize yourself with

  • Students
  • Course criteria’s
  •  Registers
  • All platforms used by the company
  • Allocated parking and planning times

We understand that everyone learns at different levels and at a different pace. If you need more time we are here to support you.

A special welcome

The Adult Learning Centre will provide you with an environment that makes you feel special. You are just as important as our learners. Your happiness, well being and safety are our priority. You are part of the team, you are Family.


Dated- July 2021 to be reviewed July 20212

Sahila Butt

Managing Director and Centre Manager

The Adult Learning Centre.

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